Carousel Teaching System®

Carousel Teaching System®, our proprietary curriculum,
emphasizes the importance of experiential, multi-sensory
learning through verbal, visual, and tactile association.


Classes are structured around early childhood themes—enhanced with custom illustrations and captivating props—that become more advanced as children grow and progress. The Carousel Curriculum fosters Core Areas of Child Development and is aligned to the highest standards in Early Childhood Education. Our methodology is backed by extensive research, and grounded in two decades of classroom success. 

Our class outline consists of:

  • Building conversational skills with complementary props such as microphones
    and puppets

  • Introducing theme-based vocabulary with customized illustrations and props

  • Logical thinking activities including matching memory bingo and dramatic play
    with props and costume pieces

  • Interactive storytelling and poetry

  • Traditional children's songs, enhanced with instruments and movement

  • Alphabet, character, and grammar activities, and

  • Theme-related coloring or hands-on art project.


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